Viscometers suppliers India

To measure the viscosity of the fluid, choose Brookfield viscometers from Asian Scientific Instruments (Viscometers suppliers India) a comprehensive selection of laboratory and industrial scale viscometers. We offer a wide variety of handheld, portable, benchtop, Brookfield and in-process, real-time viscometer products that measure the absolute and dynamic viscosity of fluids.


Lab Viscosity Measurement System:

A viscometer or rheometer is a measuring instrument; used to determine a fluid’s internal flow resistance or viscosity. The different types of laboratory viscometer instruments have either the fluid stationary and let the object pass through the fluid and vice-versa. Hence, these laboratory instruments measure the drag caused by the interaction between the fluid and the object surface. We have the viscometer to meet your requirements and needs.


Low-Cost Viscometer:

A viscometer is frequently used in laboratories, factories and other practical industrial environments. A viscometer can be an important component in process and quality control systems. Most of the organization can save money by placing a viscometer in a production line and making fluid viscosity measurements in real time. If you have any questions, please contact Viscometers suppliers India at or 040-24754607.

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