Asian Scientific leading Trinocular Microscopes Suppliers and Manufacturers in Hyderabad, India. The precise and practical design of this scientific instrument has resulted in the considerable extension of its applications in laboratories, research centres, universities and hospitals. A trinocular microscope has two eyepieces just like the binocular microscope but it also has a third eye tube for connecting a microscope camera. A digital camera or video camera is connected to the third eyepiece, specially designed as a port with this specific purpose.

Trinocular Microscopes Brands: Blisco, Olympus

Olympus Trinocular Microscopes Specifications:

Magnus Trinocular Research Microscope MODEL MLX-TR standard set complete with built-in 6V20W halogen light illuminator, focusing by co-axial coarse and fine focusing controls, quadruple ball bearing nosepiece, high resolution long barrel achromatic objectives 4x,10x,40x (spring) and 100x (spring, oil immersion), with an inclined trinocular observation a tube compensating wide field paired eyepiece WF10x, photo eyepiece 7x for photomicrography and with right hand co-axial low drive mechanical stage, sub stage ABBE condenser 1.25 N.A. with iris diaphragm focusable with rack & pinion (complete set in thermocol packing).

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