Strong Plastic Ware Equipment Suppliers Hyderabad

We “Asian Scientific Instruments”, Strong Plastic Ware Equipment Suppliers Hyderabad to laboratories, institutions. Set the standard quality and superior performance while protecting your valuable research laboratories. Our range of laboratories equipments serving pipettes, bottles, tips, carboys, beakers, funnels, centrifuge tubes, jugs, jars, and a wide range of additional products designed to advance science and your research in the lab every day.

Advanced Laboratory Solutions:

The Asian Scientific laboratory solutions keep you focused on doing the research you need to do. The way you want to do it. Find here a complete range of labware equipments to achieve your goals, and deliver breakthrough discoveries that you need to save and improve lives. Our company is pleased to offer a wide range of laboratory plastic equipments to fit your laboratory requirements and needs. Also, see our related Borosil Glassware and Polylab Plasticware equipments at affordable prices.

Available Products List:

  • Centrifuge Tube Cap
  • Analytical Funnel
  • Animal Cage
  • Animal Feeding Water Bottle
  • Aspiratory Bottle

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