Plastic Ware Equipment Supplier in India

Plastic Ware Equipment Supplier in India

Asian Scientific Instruments (Plastic Ware Equipment Supplier in India) – Since 1966, our company is manufacturing and supplying Polylab Plasticware, Glassware Equipments in Hyderabad, India. The most durable & strong glassware, plastic ware, polylab equipments by Asian Scientific are Centrifuge Tube Cap, Analytical Funnel, Aspiratory Bottle, Animal Feeding Bottle etc.

Let’s have a discussion about laboratory plastic ware equipment’s…

  • Centrifuge Tube Cap: Used in the laboratories like molecular biology laboratory, tissue culture work, microbiology laboratory, biochemistry and cell biology in centrifugation procedures. We produce centrifuge tube caps with round, conical and, flat bases.
  • Analytical Funnel: Used in analytical chemistry applications, Analytical Funnels have internal & external ribbing that eliminates air lock. Used to remove fine particles from a liquid in a process called filtration.
  • Aspiratory Bottle: Used to sediment solid or suspended particles in liquid materials. The liquid is filled with the aspirator bottle. After some time, the heavier solid particles store at the bottom of the aspirator bottle and the open the stopcock to release the liquid into a collection flask.

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