Asian Scientific Instruments are well known Pfact Pipette Manufacturers And Suppliers in Hyderabad. We are backed by a successful history with research, Performance trials and customer satisfaction reports in mechanical Pipettes. Pfact Pipette matches all quality parameters which is required in order to serve the high end research market. Pfact pipette excels in user friendly features that make pipetting effortless, less time consuming and a delight.Due to its size, performance and pricing, , it is an ideal accessory for diagnostic / rapid test kits. Our Pfact pipette are developed and designed after careful study of the needs, desires and specification requirement of end users.

Our Product Features

  • One of the most lightweight Pipette
  • High Performance stepper motor for consistent and achievable results
  • Most reliable 3 point precise automated calibration
  • 5 different and frequent used modes of pipetting.
  • Uniquely color coded for easy identification
  • Multi Mode of Pipetting
  • Unique label coding in packaging for easy identification
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