Since 1966, Asian Scientific Instruments renowned as leading Pen Type Digital Ph Meters Manufacturer and Supplier in India. The offering range scientific instruments such as Portable or Handheld pH meters, Brookfield rheometers, etc. Scientific instruments are versatile and are used in the research and scientific industry. These scientific instruments find their usage in the laboratories and are customizable according to the client requirement and specification.

Customized Product Availability:

Widest range of scientific pH meters used for hydrogen-ion activity (acidity or alkalinity) in water-based solutions. Used in several laboratories, commercial and industrial application; pH meters are available in different types Handheld Portable Meters, Benchtop Meters, Pen Type Meters, Tester. Furthermore, these scientific instruments are available at best prices. And also check available brands and type of pH meters. A product appearance can be changed as per availability of stock. Pen Type Digital Ph Meters Manufacturer and Supplier Click here for customized scientific instruments availability!!!


Pen Type pH Meter Features:

  • Compact pocket sized
  • Easy to carry and operate
  • Longest battery life
  • Dust and waterproof
  • Automatic calibration
  • LCD display facility
  • Automatic temperature compensation
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