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Olympus Microscope Description:

Olympus Medical Student Monocular Microscope Model HSA standard set complete with two eye pieces having two objectives 10x & 15x, achromatic objectives 10x & 40x, sub stage fixed condenser. The HSA is based on a compact design and are extremely reliable in mechanical & optical performance. A wide variety of standard and optional microscope accessories enhance the characteristic features of the HSA. Integrating sphere of its applications has been extended to meet varied requirements at high schools, colleges and universities.

Available Brands: Blisco, Falcon, Macron, Besto, Weswox, Olympus

Olympus Microscope Specifications:

  • Body: Monocular die-cast body, inclinable, up to a horizontal position (90 Deg)
  • Objectives: JIS standards, hard anti-reflection coated parfocal Achromats: 10x & 40x. Coloured Coded
  • Condenser: Built-in sub stage condenser with iris diaphragm, filter holder & blue filter
  • Stage: Plain square stage 100 x 100 mm with two clips. Microscope designed to accept a mechanical stage if desired (Optional).
  • Magnification: 100x-600x
  • Nosepiece: Triple nosepiece with positive click stops for precise and smooth alignment of objects.
  • Focusing: By coarse and fine focusing knobs
  • Eyepieces: Huygenian 10x & 15x
  • Illumination: Plano-concave mirror in adjustable fork mount
  • Finish: Olympus Textured Grey

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