Microscope Cover Slips in Hyderabad India

Asian Scientific Instruments is the pioneer manufacturer and supplier of Microscope Cover Slips in Hyderabad, India. We are a widespread Distributor/Dealer network supply to nearly every hospital, medical college, laboratories, universities, research centres etc. in cities as well as small towns throughout India.


Microscope Cover Slips:

A cover slip or cover glass is a thin flat piece of transparent material used in laboratories, usually, it’s available in square or rectangular shapes, the range is 20 mm (4/5 in) wide and a fraction of a millimetre thick, that is placed over objects for viewing with a microscope. The main function of the coverslip is to keep solid specimens pressed flat, and liquid samples shaped into a flat layer of even thickness. This is necessary because high-resolution microscopes have a very narrow region within which they focus.


Microscope Cover Slips Functions:

  • Protects the specimen from dust and accidental contact
  • Protects the microscope’s objective lens from contacting the specimen and vice versa
  • In oil immersion microscopy or water immersion microscopy, the coverslip prevents contact between the immersion liquid and the specimen
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