Asian Scientific is a world-renowned Laboratory Equipments Supplier in India; offering a single source solution for your laboratories. Specialize in manufacturing, supplying, and trading of laboratory equipments, consumables, gas detection apparatus, deep freezers, glassware and several others. Our aim is to always provide the best possible services to laboratories, wherever their location in the world.

Applications of Laboratory Equipments:

Whether your laboratory research centres comprises working with air, water, soil, blood, proteins, cell culture; laboratory equipment will support various laboratory testing standards and specifications. General laboratory equipment can be found in many sectors including research centres, hospitals, research and development, educational labs, diagnostic testing in medical laboratories, the pharmaceutical industry and so on. Creating a close relationship with customers Asian Scientific is well-located to provide a fast, excellent service throughout the India, offshore and to global markets.

Common Laboratory Equipments:

Take advantages of these laboratory equipments; because working safely with hazardous chemicals requires proper use of laboratory equipment. Lab Balances, Microscope, Funnels, Beakers, Capillaries, Altimeters, Laminar Air Flow, Vacuum Pump Spares etc. contact Laboratory Equipments Supplier in India for further clarification and quotation. +040-24754607,

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