Asian Scientific is a global Lab Equipment Supplier in India. The offering range of laboratory equipments used in several healthcare divisions. We are determined to improve productivity and continuously focusing on innovation and up-gradation of our products. Experienced professionals enhance their knowledge for customizing the laboratory products based on the customer requirements.

Wide Range of Laboratory equipment’s:

Our wide array of products are categorized into stirrers, autoclave, balances, centrifuges, distillation, freezers, gas apparatus, incubators, microscopes, ovens, polarimeters, screw gauges, test tubes, vacuum pumps,weighing scales, and many more. All our laboratory products ensure accuracy and conformity for significant experiments.

Product Quality Standards:

At Asian Scientific (Lab Equipment Supplier in India), we design and develop a complete range of scientific and laboratory instruments with the highest quality standards. We constantly update advance technologies and methodologies to ensure reliability and consistency at each level of analytical lab instruments production. The continuous professional cooperation and support helped us to understand and deliver state of the art laboratory scientific instruments right from basic lab equipment to most sophisticated instruments for research needs.

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