Asian Scientific is an India based Electrophoresis Equipments Manufacturers and Suppliers, who provide premium and technically enhanced, high specification laboratory equipments. We have been dealing mainly with Medical Colleges, Universities & Hospitals including pathology laboratories, pharmaceuticals laboratories, chemical laboratories, government hospitals, educational institutions etc throughout India directly and through our dealers since 1966.

Electrophoresis Equipments:

Electrophoresis equipment provides an electric charge to molecules, causing them to migrate against their oppositely charged electrode. Electrophoresis Equipments is commonly used to separate proteins on the basis of size or a charge. The electrophoresis technique is found in all the research and clinical laboratories utilizing DNA and protein applications, and also it is divided into the gel and capillary techniques. o.

Electrophoresis Equipments Needs:

Electrophoresis Equipment includes horizontal gel electrophoresis units for DNA separation and vertical gel electrophoresis units for protein separation. The 2D electrophoresis equipment separates proteins by charge and mass via separate components or complete automated workstations. In addition, the choice of electrophoresis instruments from Asian Scientific (electrophoresis equipments manufacturers and suppliers) depends on the molecule of study, appropriate separation technique and downstream application.

Electrophoresis Equipments Manufacturers and Suppliers
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