Asian Scientific is a renowned Compound Microscope Parts Suppliers in India– A high power or compound microscope achieves higher levels of magnification than a stereo or low power microscope. The compound microscope used to view smaller specimens such as cell structures which cannot be seen at lower levels of magnification. In addition, a compound microscope consists of structural and optical components

Compound Microscope parts and functions are illustrated and explained below.

  1. Structural Components: The three basic structural components are listed below.
    • Head or Body houses the optical in the upper part of the compound microscope.
    • Base part supports the microscope and houses of the illuminator.
    • Arm part connects to the base part and gives supports to the microscope head part. And also used to hold and carry the microscope safely.
  2. Optical Components: There are two optical components in a laboratory component microscope
    • Eyepiece or Ocular component is what you look through at the top of the compound microscope. Typically, a standard eyepiece has a magnifying power of 10x. Optional eyepieces of varying powers are also available, from 5x-30x.
    • Objective Lenses are the primary optical lenses of a compound microscope. Typically ranging from 4x-100x. Objectives lenses can be forward or rear-facing.
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