Asian Scientific is a prominent Compound and Dissecting Microscopes Suppliers in Hyderabad. The Stereo or Stereoscopic or dissection microscope are optical microscopes is configured to allow low magnification observation of three-dimensional objects. Typically using light reflected from the surface of an object rather than transmitted through it.

Compound Microscopes:

Similarly, Compound Microscope is also an optical microscope used as a single light path. They can be available either in a single eyepiece (monocular) or a dual eyepiece (binocular). The Compound microscopes used for viewing samples at high magnifications. A microscope is fitted with dual eyepieces for vision with both eyes. The main purpose of dividing the same image from a single objective of the usual compound microscope is to reduce eye strain and muscular fatigue, which may result from monocular and from high power microscopy.

The Difference between Compound and Dissecting Microscopes:

Both Compound and Dissecting light microscopes are optical microscopes that use visible light to create an image. Both types of microscopes magnify sample objects and light focused on it by prisms, lenses, and directing towards a specimen, but differences between these two microscopes are more significant. Most importantly, Compound microscopes are specially designed to look through a specimen whereas dissecting microscope used for viewing the surface features of a specimen.

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