Asian Scientific, Introducing a new generation of Brookfield Digital Viscometer Accessories India for quick and reliable measurements with touch screen interface. As a reckoned organization, we are engaged in manufacturing and supplying a wide spectrum of Brookfield Digital Viscometers and Accessories. These products are made from the highest quality material, which is sourced from procured and reliable vendors.

Viscometer Accessories and Uses:

  • Small Sample Adapter (SSA): Used for the accurate measurement of small samples.
  • Spindles: Used for performing precise and accurate viscosity measurements quickly and efficiently.
  • Temperature Control Water Bath: Temperature control during viscosity measurements helps to ensure accurate test and temperature stability.
  • Enhanced UL Adapter: Used to measure a viscosity at a defined shear rate and utilizes a small sample size (16mL) for low viscosity fluids down to 1cP.
  • Thermosel: Used with standard Brookfield Viscometers and Rheometers for testing material at elevated temperatures.
  • Helipath Stand: The Helipath Stand is specially designed for allows measurement of non-flowing viscosity using a T-bar shaped spindles on a standard Brookfield Viscometer or Rheometer.

Product Support and Services

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Brookfield Digital Viscometer Accessories India
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