Asian Scientific Instruments is the best BOD Incubators Manufacturer and Suppliers in India with largest selling base. Asian Scientific BOD Incubators provide accurate conditions and uniformity throughout the chamber.


Salient features of laboratory incubator:

  • The exterior chamber is constructed from stainless steel sheet finished in easy clean powder coated paint.
  • The interior chamber is made from mild steel coated with aluminium and also stainless steel chamber available as an option.
  • Fitted with fixed shelf runners & removable chrome plated wire grid shelves. The top vent is fitted with a clip to hold a glass immersion thermometer.
  • The incubators have a solid steel door as standard or as an alternative a door with an integral viewing window can be fitted.
  • The vertical style units are fitted with the controls below the solid steel door, the horizontal style units with the controls fitted on the side of the chamber.
  • As an option, a double door, comprising steel outer with an inner glass door is also available.

Request a Quotation:

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Incubators uses and applications:

The BOD (Biochemical Oxygen Demand) Incubators are specially designed to close control of incubation or storage temperatures. BOD Incubators used for BOD testing, storage of sensitive cultures, vaccines, seed germination work, the culture of bacteria microorganism and plant life, serum incubation studies and immunological work etc. etc. BOD Incubator offered by us finds in several applications pharmaceuticals, laboratories, biotechnology, research centres etc.

BOD Incubator Specification:

The chambers are designed with double walls and the exterior is made of sheet steel flusher fitting in the suited door has magnetic gasket the timer chambers is made of stainless steel the pixel glass inner door makes it possible to inspect specimens without disturbing the temperature; while the inner chamber is manufactured with high-grade stainless steel. In addition, the microprocessor-based units are offered with soft touch keyboard for the fast and accurate setting of well-defined parameters.

Bacteriological Incubator and BOD Incubators Manufacturer and Suppliers in India are ideal for the growth and storage of bacterial cultures, vaccines etc.

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