Asian Scientific is a Binocular Accessories Microscopes Supplier in India. A scientific binocular microscope refers to any microscope with two eyepieces. The image presented to each eye is a flat, 2-dimensional ‘mono’ image. These two microscope dual eyepieces make it easier to view and analyze your lab specimen than monocular microscopes.

Binocular microscopes accessories & functions:

  • Eyepiece: The dual binocular eyepiece contains the microscope’s lenses & it gives the user secondary magnification of the object being viewed generally a specimen contained on a slide.
  • Mechanical Stage: The mechanical stage holds the object or slide samples, allows the specimen to move left, right, forward & backward direction for examination.
  • Nosepiece and Objective Lenses: The nosepiece contains several rotating objective lenses, usually three, which magnify the image of the object on the stage.
  • Condenser and Lamp: The lamp of the microscope provides light for the viewing area. A light from the lamp which passes through the lenses of the condenser, which focuses the light on the binocular microscope’s viewing area.
  • Microscope Tube and Prisms: The microscope tube supports the binocular dual eyepieces and multiple lights refracting prism of a binocular microscope; a microscope light is split and directed to the binocular eyepieces.

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Binocular Microscopes Accessories Supplier in India
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