is a Best Laboratory Hot Plates Suppliers in India. Offering a wide variety of laboratory stirrers, magnetic stirrer, and electric hot plates and stirring hot plates in varied sizes, temperature ranges, and construction materials.

Laboratory Hot Plates:

In laboratory settings, hot plates are generally used to heat glassware or its contents. Some hot plates also contain a magnetic stirrer, allowing the heated liquid to be stirred automatically. Our wide range of hot plates, stirrers, stirring hotplates, and related accessories will complete any laboratory’s requirements and needs.

Electric Hot Plates are the most important instrument in the laboratory, histology, cytology, a pathology which is utilized to heat samples. In order to suit each application, these laboratory hot plates are designed in a variety of sizes, temperature ranges, and heating top materials. Today, hot plates are usually available in the market in various shapes such as square, rectangular and round heating top.

Sisco Hot Plates Specifications:

  • Body with thick mild steel upper portions of thick mild steel plate which can withstand at high-temperature level.
  • Hot Plates having energy regulator and powder coated paint.

Whether you looking for laboratory hot plates at reasonable prices? View Technical Specification from Asian Scientific, Best Laboratory Hot Plates Suppliers in India.

Best Laboratory Hot Plates Suppliers in India
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